Casino Website with Focus on Latin America

Casino Website with Focus on Latin America


The company is a groundbreaking consulting company in iGaming, with a flagship product, for acquisition. Founded by 2 entrepreneurs, the company offers a unique opportunity in the evolving iGaming landscape.


Launched in 2021, it operates on the 2 platforms, hosted by GoDaddy. Its diverse URLs cater to a global audience, reshaping the iGaming industry.

Key Points:

  • Legal and clean record.
  • Lean operation with outsourcing.
  • Strategic sale for a shift in investment focus.

Growth Strategies:

Focus on Latin American market expansion, optimized for rapid growth with a solid affiliate database.

Training and Requirements:

30-day training for new owners adept in iGaming, utilizing the company’s Curacao license, and understanding Latin American market dynamics.

Marketing Arsenal:

Comprehensive marketing approach, including SEO, social media, PR, affiliates, PPC, SEM, CRM, sponsorships, mass media, and email marketing. Seamless transfer of advertising accounts ensures continuity.

Financial Snapshot:

Recurring payment model, supporting multiple currencies, with a 25.14% average revenue churn rate. Approximately 7,000 active paying customers using various payment channels.

Social Media and Traffic:

Sale includes established social media accounts, contributing to significant growth since 2022 through affiliates, influencers, email marketing, and social media channels.


  • €137,500


The company presents a lucrative opportunity for a savvy investor to capitalize on the global iGaming market. With a solid foundation, international reach, and a proven growth strategy, the brand is poised for success in the hands of a visionary new owner.


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