White Label Casino Website Targeting Booming Brazilian Market

White Label Casino Website Targeting Booming Brazilian Market


Unlock the doors to a lucrative venture in the thriving Brazilian iGaming sector! Presenting a turnkey opportunity to acquire a white-label casino website strategically positioned for success.

Key Features:

  1. Licensing: Operating under a coveted Curacao sub-license, ensuring regulatory compliance and credibility in the online gaming industry.
  2. Game Diversity: Boasting an extensive aggregation of casino games from over 20 top-tier providers, providing an immersive and varied gaming experience.
  3. Market Penetration: With over 5000 registered users from the vibrant Brazilian market, the platform has already established a strong presence and user base.
  4. Financial Infrastructure: The offering includes an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) for both Curacao and Cypriot entities, facilitating seamless financial transactions. Additionally, a dedicated crypto account enhances flexibility and diversifies payment options.
  5. Payment Service Providers (PSPs): Complete coverage in Brazil with robust Payment Service Providers, ensuring secure and efficient financial transactions.
  6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Benefit from a complimentary one-year CRM package, equipped with unlimited emails, providing a powerful tool for customer retention and engagement.


  • Искана цена: €320,000 EUR

Why Invest?

  1. Strategic Positioning: Tap into the rapidly growing Brazilian online gaming market, leveraging an established platform with a substantial user base.
  2. Diversified Revenue Streams: Explore multiple revenue channels through gaming, transactions, and crypto operations.
  3. Operational Ready: This business is ready for seamless integration, allowing for immediate market entry and revenue generation.
  4. Future Growth: With a solid foundation and strategic advantages, the potential for expansion and increased profitability is immense.

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Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) will be honored.

Disclaimer: All potential buyers are advised to conduct their own due diligence before entering into any transaction.

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