Profitable and Growing Casino Website for Sale

Profitable and Growing Casino Website for Sale

Datum: 2022-10-21

Field of activity: Online and Technology (Online casino website)

Selling price: 1.529.197 EUR

Standort: Alicante, Spain

General description:

For sale is an online growing casino website, generating in the last 6 months an durchschnittlich $47.259,96, Tendenz steigend. Die Website verfügt über 27 Einnahmequellen. Niedrige Betriebskosten im Vergleich zu den erzielten Einnahmen.

Included in the sale are:

  • The main revenue-generating website
  • 3 extra domains
  • Social media accounts: Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts
  • Support will be provided
  • Seller can help with opening new affiliate accounts
  • Seller might consider business financing

Not included:

  • Affiliate accounts – new owner will have to open their own affiliate
    accounts – the Seller can assist with getting same or similar deals

Annual turnover: 425.693 EUR

Operating profit (EBITDA): 411.886 EUR

Turnover from previous years: 385.905 EUR

Business established on: 2021-06-01

Sale reason:

  • Most payouts for winnings are paid in Bitcoin, which must be exchanged into Euros, which creates some problems in terms of reporting winnings.
  • Seller would like to buy a house
  • Seller also wants to focus on a new family business
  • Also difficult to keep track of all Google algorithm changes, SEO changes and keep the website fast

Support and training:


  • Seller can explain how the site is set up, the dashboard of WP, plugins used, how he gets the bonuses and publishes casino offers with 8 hours FREE CONSULTATIONS in the first 30 days from the website sale.
  • Should there be a need for further consultations – Seller would be available to help for $100/hour.


  • If the new owner is not an affiliate, Seller could help with affiliate accounts and get the best deals by speaking with affiliate managers – the only requirement from my side, that new owner would register affiliate accounts as my sub affiliate – that would help him get the best deal


  • Regarding the IT part of the website: Seller is not qualified in coding or changes in the template or website
    structure. He hired an IT specialist – as a freelancer when needed. He knows the website and the Seller could arrange his consultation for the 1st hour free and the following hours for a fee of $100/hour.
  • If the IT specialist consultation is needed – that has to be arranged with some time in advance, as he is quite busy.

growing casino website

Products and services

  • The seller’s website promotes online casino offers and is paid on a commission and hybrid payment basis.


  • The employee does the daily updates to DAILY BONUS POSTS, writes reviews of new casinos and new  games, edit and adds images. Seller can offer the employee to do the usual updates for 2 weeks with no
    cost for the new owner, after this period the staff member can work as a freelancer on an hourly basis for $50/hour.
  • He has worked with the Seller since the beginning, is very well organised, knows when new games are out, and always has the latest bonuses on hand.

Tangible and intangible assets

  • Web domains: growing casino website and 3 extra domains
  • Social media accounts: Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr accounts

Market and development potential

  • It has growth potential! New energy, more of the new content and a little bit of investment to improve on SEO, webpage speed, content and perhaps a new template (this has to be done with caution) – the website can be offering a constant and improved income for the new owner in the long run.

Andere financial-operational information

Real estate value: 0 EUR

Number of employees: 1

Inventory included in the price: N/A

Financing available: Ja

For further information on this opportunity, please contact the seller’s representative!

Gabriel Sita – Business Broker – Kontakt

Tel: +40757953988




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