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SBC-Gipfel Nordamerika 2023

SBC-Gipfel Nordamerika 2023

Standort: New Jersey, USA

Datum: 9th May – 11th May


Sozialen Medien:

The SBC Summit North America is slated to occur from May 9 to 11, 2023, in New Jersey, where attendees will convene to discuss the expansion of the online betting and iGaming landscape across the United States and Canada.

One such topic of discussion pertains to the effect of emergent technologies on the future of the iGaming industry. Over the course of the scheduled conference and tradeshow events, delegates from various fields will gather to exchange ideas regarding the ever-evolving industry trends.

The event enjoys the sponsorship of a large coalition of technological titans, comprising both gambling operators and iGaming business-to-business software providers.

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