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Casino broker affiliate program

Start referring buyers and sellers to Broker Kasino and get paid a finder’s fee.

The finders fee which is paid out of our broker commission on closed sales/completed sales can be found below:

Referrals Time period Finder’s fee
1 – 2 completed sales 6 month period 10% *  **
3 – 4 completed sales 6 month period 15% *  **
5 – 100 completed sales 6 month period 20% *  **
** 20% applies on sales 5 – 100

All referral bonuses are paid for life.

It’s simple and easy to refer sellers or buyers to us. All you have to do is make an email introduction, and we’ll take it from there. We will do the heavy lifting.

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* Please keep in mind: this affiliate program doesn’t apply if we’re already in contact with the seller or buyer about a particular deal.



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