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5 Affiliate Casino Websites

5 Affiliate Casino Websites

5 Affiliate Casino Websites 5 Affiliate Casino Websites 5 Affiliate Casino Websites 5 Affiliate Casino Websites 5 Affiliate Casino Websites 5 Affiliate Casino Websites 5 Affiliate Casino Websites

For sale is a network of 5 affiliate sites in the iGaming niche, spanning across 2 languages (Spanish, Italian) and 15 geos (IT, ES, LatAm).

Here is a unique opportunity! As a new owner , or an experienced buyer , this network presents you with the potential to start from an advantaged position . Did you know that the buildup timeline for new businesses is minimum 2-3 years ? Skip the buildup! Take advantage of an investment of approximately EUR 200.000 spent on the network.

With Latin America expected to become a $1.5B/year market by 2025 , this especially provides a new owner a brilliant chance to enter one of the fastest growing markets with these established sites. Jump ahead of competitors who mostly are just getting started. This network will provide you with a strong SEO foundation built on editorial links and high quality content. You will immediately be set up for success.

Business Age: 3+ years

Sector: Gambling & Casinos

Revenue Source: Affiliate Sales

Website Platform: WordPress


After a decline caused mainly by the new regulations enforced in May 2021. Traffic has shown an uptrend and recovery in recent months (despite a lack of content and a decreased focus on link building in the last year). All the sites are in good standing with Google, complied with obligations, and have never received any penalties. This also provides the buyer with the opportunity to ride the uptrend by focusing on fresh content and links, a new owner can take traffic to the next level.

E-mail Opt-Ins

Opt Ins are a strong point for the business They have been growing consistently over time. Now, the system has become a
powerful acquisition channel which is independent from Google. An advantage to email opt ins is that they can be leveraged on demand to generate immediate results.

Registrations and Clicks on CTA

Registrations and Clicks on CTAs have been impacted by the events Since May 2021 the vanishing of bonuses resulted in the disappearance of players signing up to claim no deposit bonuses On the other  and, the Registrations to FTDs ratio improved dramatically 3 x) at the same time This resulted in much improved traffic quality for Spain.

First Time Depositors

FTDs have been impacted as well by the new regulation, showing a decline towards the end of 2021. In the last few months this metric has reversed the trend and now the number of FTDs is growing steadily month over month. This is an incredibly significant KPI as it is directly related to revenue

Asking price: 210.000 EUR

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