Online Casino and Sportsbooks for Sale

Online Casino and Sportsbooks for Sale

Business Overview:

  • Operates as a White Label under the regulatory frameworks of GBGC (UK) and MGA (Malta).
  • Incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, providing a stable and internationally recognized business structure.
  • Maintains operational bank accounts in Lithuania and Hong Kong, facilitating efficient financial transactions.
  • Achieved revenues exceeding 100k+ in the fiscal year 2022, reflecting a robust financial performance.
  • Boasts an extensive portfolio with over 3000 games, offering a diverse and engaging entertainment experience.
  • Includes the associated domain, providing a comprehensive package for prospective buyers.
  • The business has cultivated relationships with 75 affiliates, contributing to its widespread reach and marketing network.

Požadovaná cena: 210,000 EUR

For additional information and in-depth insights, please reach out to Gabriel at

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