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Russian Casino and Bookmaker

Russian Casino and Bookmaker

Russian Casino and Bookmaker

Discover the Excitement of Russian Online Gambling!

The platform, just 7 months old, has been making waves in the gaming industry, catering to enthusiastic players from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Built with our client’s own hands, the website boasts a bespoke design crafted with self-written HTML, CSS, and powered by JavaScript and AJAX for a seamless user experience.

It has a rewarding affiliate program, where webmasters can earn generous commissions.

Making transactions is a breeze with trusted payment processors, including Perfect Money, Money Go, and Astopay, ensuring financial security and convenience.

With an impressive Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $27,000 within just seven months of operation, the business is a thriving platform with 350-370 sign-ups and an average of 270-290 conversions per month.

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