Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Online Casinos: Unveiling the Power of GGR, NGR, and More

In the realm of online casino enterprises, establishing benchmarks for gauging progress is imperative. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) serve as illuminating tools, shedding light on both commendable strategies and areas requiring refinement. Delve into the realm of the most pivotal online casino KPIs, enabling a comprehensive analysis and enhancement of your business.

Informed decisions are the bedrock of prosperous endeavors. Each stride embarked upon, devoid of a meticulous evaluation of pertinent data, holds the potential to lead astray, veering towards unfavorable outcomes, unbeknownst until the eleventh hour.

What are KPIs, and how do you use them?

In this context, KPIs serve as an invaluable compass, navigating the course of business well-being. Just as in other industries, a singular formula for steering a gambling venture to success remains elusive. However, a profound understanding of the metrics to assess can unveil the necessity for augmenting bonuses, enriching VIP incentives, or curbing expenditure on acquisition.

Comprehensively peruse the ensuing discourse to unveil the mechanisms of harnessing the below-mentioned KPIs, facilitating an incisive evaluation of your online casino’s prowess.

Imagine KPIs, or key performance indicators, as your trusted navigational tools in the vast landscape of business excellence. These measurable benchmarks empower companies to chart their course through time, meticulously monitoring progress and propelling growth. 

A KPI crystallizes the essence of business analytics, encapsulating the essence of quantifiable measures. It’s a dynamic instrument used to encapsulate the ebb and flow of performance, illuminating the path to success.

What is GGR?

Picture this: Your company achieved a remarkable $120,000 in GGR during the previous quarter. Now, with an unwavering determination for a 3% upswing, your coveted KPI for the forthcoming quarter shines at $123,600. As the quarter unfolds, if your gaming revenue gallops to a formidable $61,800 midway, rest assured – you’re striding confidently towards hitting your mark. KPIs, your unwavering allies, keep you right on track, paving the way for triumph.

Once your gaze is fixed on the target, the subsequent stride involves unfurling a strategic blueprint to bridge the gap between point A and point B. Let’s take a scenario: envision a 10% surge in sales. This surge is often a byproduct of amplified marketing efforts. Will you amplify bonuses, introduce a new tier to your loyalty program, initiate a comprehensive SEO audit to unearth optimization avenues, or re-engage with lapsed players?

Now, what exactly is GGR?

Gross Gaming Revenue, abbreviated as GGR, quantifies the entirety of funds generated from player losses during a specific timeframe. Its computation involves subtracting player winnings from the aggregate sum wagered.

This formula succinctly captures the essence: GGR = A – B


A = Total sum wagered

B = Total sum disbursed as winnings

The concept is elegantly straightforward. Gross Gaming Revenue embodies the monetary flow from players to the casino during gameplay. Remarkably, GGR remains unswayed by supplementary payouts like bonuses; it encapsulates the sheer outcome of the game itself. This intrinsic metric unveils the quantum of players’ losses over a designated span.


Picture this: In the realm of BigBet Casino, the amalgamation of player wagers in 2022 soared to an astounding $37 million, while player winnings surged to $23 million. In this scenario, the veil lifts, revealing that BigBet’s Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) stands tall at $14 million.

Now, venture into the realm of strategic advantage – the realm of aggregators. When embarking on solo contracts with game providers, a fraction of your monthly GGR is inevitably relinquished. It’s a path where costs, like a persistent ripple, can swiftly magnify even if a mere 5% is the conduit. However, envision an alternative avenue. A single contract, a solitary fee, affording access to a treasure trove of games from myriad providers – the aggregator’s embrace.

The downward arc of GGR is a puzzle, with multiple enigmatic pieces at play. The journey to decipher the forces influencing casino performance commences with two cardinal strategies: broadening the player base and inspiring existing patrons to embrace indulgence.

Enter promotions – the heralds of attraction. Tournaments, jackpots, free spins, and bonuses beckon new players to converge while kindling the enthusiasm of those already within the fold. But, a word of caution echoes – clarity and meticulousness, the sentinels of well-crafted terms and conditions, are vital to stave off potential bonus abuse.

In the intricate dance of online casino dynamics, confidence becomes the anchor, and each strategic step unfurls a new chapter of prosperity.

What is NGR?

Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) encapsulates a more intricate array of variables, painting a comprehensive portrait of the operational landscape.

NGR stands as the epitome of meticulous financial analysis, encompassing an intricate web of computations. Within this domain, NGR emerges as the financial metric of choice, transcending mere terminology to become a cornerstone within the online gambling sector.

NGR is a powerful prism through which an online gambling enterprise’s vitality is distilled, encapsulating the intricate interplay of gross gaming revenue and an exhaustive spectrum of deductions. It orchestrates a symphony of elements, ranging from bonuses and commissions to royalties and taxes, interweaving them into a tapestry of financial insight.

Visualize the formula thus: NGR = A – B – C – D


A = Aggregate sum wagered

B = Total payout quantum

C = Cumulative bonuses disbursed to players

D = Total tax expenditure on gaming revenue

Consider the following illustration, drawing from our BigBet narrative ($14 million in GGR). If BigBet dispensed $2 million in bonuses and channeled $1.4 million towards gaming tax, the NGR tableau unfurls at an impressive $10.6 million.



GGR, an emblem of earnings, stands juxtaposed with NGR, which harmonizes a symphony of expenditures. While GGR plays a pivotal role in the taxation domain, fueling platform providers and game developers, NGR is a multi-dimensional yardstick embraced across diverse echelons – from the microcosm of individual enterprises to the grand canvas of national and global expanse.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, an exemplar of regulatory prowess, orchestrates an orchestration of growth insights by harmonizing the GGR of licensed casinos within the realm. Parallelly, the European Gaming and Betting Association assumes stewardship, unraveling the industry’s grandeur within the 27-nation tapestry. Simultaneously, data mavens orchestrate a symphony of statistics, measuring the GGR resonance in specific domains, be it live dealer games or the realm of sports betting.

Within this intricate ballet, NGR emerges as a modest fraction, often a mere 2%, an embodiment of turnover – a testament to the kinetic energy propelling player wagers within the temporal horizon.

Other markers

While these KPIs stand as beacons of insight, the panorama of business dynamics extends far beyond their reach. In fact, these very metrics might find themselves absent from the annual reports of most iGaming establishments.

Within the tapestry of financial discourse, the “Revenue” inscription commands the summit of the income statement, flanked by the etchings of “Gaming duties” and “Other costs of sales,” leading to the grand revelation of Gross Profit, with a parade of revelations to follow.

Zoom out, and the symphony of business unfolds – an orchestra led by operating costs, expenses diverse, the graceful waltz of asset depreciation, the rhythmic beat of employee salaries, and an array that knows no bounds. A gateway to this symphony resides in our guide on financial statements for online casinos.

The Spectrum of Monetary KPIs

Enter a realm where KPIs wield an analytical scalpel against your balance sheet’s canvas. GGR and NGR mark the opening notes, heralding a symphony of KPIs embraced by online casinos in their quest for performance calibration.


Bets-to-deposits, a reflection of player engagement, poses a question: Of the deposits made, how resolutely do players commit their stakes? Deposits alone merely whisper; the crux lies in staking one’s fortune.


NGR-to-deposits, a sonnet of revenue, measures the fraction of player deposits that metamorphoses into the casino’s treasury. A dance of percentages unfolds, unveiling a revelation – only a slender segment of turnover will metamorphose into NGR. The onus rests on players, their wagers shaping the tide. Herein lies the essence: How deeply do they embrace their deposits in the dance of fortune?

The harmonious interplay of NGR-to-deposits and bets-to-deposits weaves a tale akin to an e-commerce narrative. Just as an online emporium delves into cart abandonment, here lies the key to discerning the bridge between deposits and wagers. If deposits find their refuge without blossoming into bets, the riddle beckons. Could the game offering be the missing note? A symphony of fresh, enticing titles might hold the key, the catalyst that propels players from deposits to exhilarating bets.

People-related KPI’s

The spectrum of People-Related KPIs traverses the realm of marketing prowess and delves deep into the resonance of player loyalty, offering a panoramic view of user engagement within your platform.


Enter the realm of Conversions: a symphony of statistics that harmonizes potential with actuality. The Conversion Rate, a luminary of this ensemble, meticulously dissects the journey of users who dance on the precipice of a desired action, juxtaposing those who dared with those who conquered. Take, for instance, the art of email campaigns. As emails beckon with their CTA siren call, measuring the ensuing clicks forms the very crucible that refines your email messaging, casting aside the unfruitful and embracing the triumphant.

In the labyrinth of the customer journey, the compass points to the weak links. Embark at the genesis – the moment players are introduced to your brand. Follow their footsteps, tracing their evolution from mere awareness to the coveted echelons of loyal VIP patrons.

Conversion: visitors to signups

Witness Conversion unfold: from mere visitors to ardent sign-ups. As the curtain rises on the stage of potential, the question emerges – of those who glimpsed your domain, how many found themselves entranced enough to pen their virtual signature? This revelation, an insight into the interplay of attraction and engagement, lays bare the very allure that beckons visitors to metamorphose into members of your realm.

Transition to the grand act – Conversion: sign-ups to deposits. Here, the plot thickens. Those who embarked on the journey, how many concluded it with a triumphant deposit? A narrative unfurls – a story of the sign-up bonus, its potency, and its sway.

Retention and Churn Rate

The chronicle continues, venturing into the realm of Retention and Churn Rate. Once the transformation into depositing players is attained, the sands of time become the canvas of study. How enduring is this bond? Retention, captured within time’s embrace, measures the enduring magnetism. In the corridors of data, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month rates etch the patterns of players’ loyalty and commitment.

Yet, the symphony of markets echoes unique cadences. Preferences dance to their own rhythm, budgets have their symphony, and campaign responses unveil a diverse array.

In the dance of churn, lies the secret language of strategy. Here, churn becomes more than a mere departure; it whispers tales of retention’s triumphs and pitfalls. Within its intricacies rests a revelation – bonus abuse, an intricate ballet performed by players who sway in for a brief moment and vanish. With a confident gaze, churn analysis lays the groundwork for a fortress of retention strategies, unveiling the hidden threads that weave the tapestry of engagement. Should an assembly of sign-ups mimic this waltz, then a recalibration of bonus strategy becomes the clarion call.

Confidence reigns as People-Centric KPIs unveil their revelations – a testament to the pulse of user interaction that shapes the realm of your platform.

Empowering Retention: Navigating the Path to Long-Term Success

In the realm of retention, a singular panacea may remain elusive, yet the decline itself serves as a clarion call, signaling an anomaly that craves resolution. A surge in churn rate, akin to a compass needle swaying off-course, unfurls a tale of potential player disenchantment, escalating competition, game portfolio insufficiency, or latent inadequacies.

Within the corridors of online casinos, a symphony of data unfolds. Behaviors are meticulously observed, deposit patterns meticulously analyzed, and interactions are quantified. In this realm, the power to transform churn hinges upon the minutiae of understanding gleaned from each player’s journey.

The alchemy of a successful casino is the ability to transmute fleeting, one-time visitors into devoted, steadfast patrons. This enigma is masterfully unlocked through the time-tested enchantment of VIP programs. A narrative of perks, rewards, and elevated personalized service elegantly unfolds as players, steadfast in their loyalty, grace the stage with substantial and consistent deposits. This symbiotic embrace knits the casino and player together, each enriching the other in a crescendo of value over time.

Alternatives to the churn conundrum flourish – avenues that combat the exodus and nurture retention. The addition of fresh game releases, an orchestration that presents these novelties front and center on the casino’s grand stage, unfurls the allure of novelty and heightens player curiosity. Simultaneously, the casino’s repertoire extends to tournaments, transforming the gaming arena into a battleground of skill and excitement. And, in the age of rapid communication, SMS marketing emerges as a conductor of connection, breathing life into player engagement.

With an unwavering stride, the path to retention mastery becomes clear. Confidence illuminates the journey, a beacon that guides online casinos in their pursuit of sustained player devotion and the orchestration of triumphant success.

Monthly Active Users (MAU) and Daily Active Users (DAU)

Within the realm of KPIs, two stand as beacons of simplicity, casting a revealing light on player engagement within your casino’s domain.

Behold the first: Active Players. It’s a straightforward voyage, tallying the souls who grace your casino’s corridors in a day or month, illuminating the vibrant heartbeat of your digital sanctuary.

Now, pivot to the second enigma: Average Session Length Per User. This metric encapsulates a realm where time intertwines with experience. It’s a portal that measures the average span players dedicate to your platform during a single sojourn.

It’s an unspoken truth – the passage of time carries the promise of insight. The longer this passage, the deeper the resonance. A decline here might herald a call for revitalization, an ode to the allure of novelty through fresh gaming gems. But the tale weaves deeper still. A harmonious juxtaposition of average session length and game preferences unravels a symphony of insight, guiding you toward genres that kindle enduring flames of engagement.

Hybrid KPI’s

These KPIs span behavior and finances.

Cost Per Acquisition

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) stands as the compass guiding the financial journey to capture a new user. In the realm where marketing endeavors carve the path to success, tracking becomes the keystone. CPA analysis, a torchbearer of wisdom, unveils the monetary tapestry woven to entice a first-time depositor.

The avenues of online casino traffic are diverse, each a brushstroke in the canvas of visibility. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a sentinel of discovery, beckons new visitors with its siren call. Meanwhile, the realm of paid ads and strategic link-building, an art in itself, amplifies the casino’s resonance, particularly in markets cloaked in advertising constraints.

Affiliate networks, a symphony of partnerships, emerge as the heartbeat of the industry. A realm where bloggers and streamers align their digital corridors with the casino’s gateway, nurturing a reciprocal tide of engagement and allure.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

Average Revenue per User (ARPU) stands as a compass guiding us through the intricate tapestry of player engagement and financial insight. This pivotal metric offers a window into the revenue generated by an individual player within a designated timeframe.

To ascertain ARPU, a refined calculation comes to life. The casino’s cumulative revenue over a specific period, typically a month or a year, is meticulously divided by the count of active players during the same temporal horizon. This calculation unveils the nuanced panorama – a testament to the average revenue attributed to each player.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), a compass of profound insight, casts a luminous beam on the totality of a player’s revenue contribution across their tenure on the platform. A simple formula emerges, a symphony of Monthly ARPU harmonizing with Average Player Lifetime, culminating in a revelation that captures the essence of player value.

Within this labyrinth of metrics, a harmonious duet unfurls – CLV juxtaposed with player segments. Here, demographics take the stage, revealing the orchestration of value across varied cohorts. The dance of historical CLV begets foresight, crafting the mold for tomorrow’s strategies, as retention tales are woven anew.

Amidst this symphony, CLV finds its partner in CPA, embarking on a comparison that leaves no stone unturned. The investment to acquire a player stands juxtaposed with the treasure they bring, forming a litmus test for strategic equilibrium. The scales must tip in favor of value, a testament that you sow wisely to reap abundantly.

In the realm of CLV, whispers of change demand attention. Should the symphony falter, eyes turn to both expenditure and tenure, unveiling the intricacies that shape a player’s journey.

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