Step 4 – Close: Negotiations & Offer, Due Diligence, and Closing

Represent Your Business Professionally and Secure a Successful Close​

Negotiations & Offer

At CasinosBroker, we excel at managing the critical stage of negotiations, offers, due diligence, and closing. Our proven and effective streamlined process ensures that your sale has the best chances of success.

With our expertise, we handle every step of the process, providing professional representation for your business and maximizing the transaction terms. By leveraging our experience, you can expect better results and a smoother sale.

Maximizing Your Price and Transaction Terms

We go the extra mile by soliciting offers from interested buyers and skillfully negotiating with all parties involved.

Our aim is to maximize your price and transaction terms, considering your tax and legal advisors’ input.

We analyze the pros and cons, keeping you informed throughout the negotiation process. With our expertise, we structure the sale in a way that benefits you the most.

We review financing options available to the buyer, reducing the chance of delays, renegotiations, and mistakes during the closing phase.

Due Diligence Made Easier

Once the major transaction points are settled, we shift our focus to managing your transaction and facilitating due diligence.

During this critical phase, potential buyers conduct a thorough investigation of your company to validate the information you’ve presented. We understand that this process may feel overwhelming, but with our expertise, we help you prevent delays and secure the best final terms of sale during the closing.

By working closely together, we navigate through due diligence, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome.

Leveraging Our Advantages During Due Diligence

During due diligence, you gain numerous advantages by partnering with us. We provide expert guidance to anticipate and prevent potential problems that may arise.

Our team offers creative solutions to overcome challenges, obstacles, or delays that may come up during the process. Additionally, we coordinate essential resources and services, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

As part of our service, we draft essential documents to solidify term agreements, including an offer or letter of intent and a transaction timeline.

The Smooth Road to Closing

At CasinosBroker, we are actively involved in negotiating the definitive purchase agreement, ancillary agreement negotiations, and closing procedures.

Our experienced team assists in coordinating the drafting of the closing documents, working alongside attorneys, accountants, landlords, insurance agents, and escrow officers.

By keeping everyone focused and resolving problems promptly, we ensure a smooth and efficient transaction. We collaborate closely with you to incorporate the necessary “commercial input” in constructing the purchase agreement.

Rest assured, we oversee the project until the point of closing, making the entire sales process easier, smoother, and more profitable for you.

Streamlined Closing Documents for Efficiency and Savings


One of our key advantages is the comprehensive closing package we offer.

We have meticulously streamlined the closing process and created a set of clear, comprehensive documents for closing. These legal documents have undergone extensive review by our client attorneys, minimizing the need for independent review by your attorney. We provide all the necessary documents to you at once, in one complete package.

Our Closing

Package documents are meticulously crafted to be thorough, easy-to-read, and straightforward to complete.

Our commitment to using a simple, straightforward style in legal documents ensures that the terms and conditions leave little room for interpretation or error. 

By providing you with clear, easy-to-read documents, we reduce costs, stress, and delays, while instilling confidence in the terms and conditions you receive as the seller. In the rare event of any questions or litigation needs, our documents are drafted to mitigate potential risks in court.

Your Complete Closing Package

As part of our comprehensive service, we draft your complete Closing Package, which may include the following essential documents:

  • Purchase Agreement
  • Allocation of Purchase Price
  • Asset List
  • Bill of Sale
  • Consents
  • Disclosure Statements
  • Non-Competition Agreement
  • Promissory Note
  • Security Agreement
  • Training and Transition Agreement

(Note: If the buyer is a private equity group or larger competitor, the buyer will customarily prepare the purchase agreement and other closing documents. We recommend you have an attorney review these documents.)


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