LATAM Casino White Label

LATAM Casino White Label


Company Registration: Curacao and Cyprus

License: Anjouan

The business is a leading online casino platform focused on providing a reliable and safe gaming experience primarily for players in Argentina and expanding across Latin America. The company emphasizes superior customer service and seamless user experience, which has been a cornerstone of its regional success.

Company Mission and Vision

  • Mission: To establish the business as a leading brand in the online gaming sector in Latin America, ensuring structural and internal consolidation.
  • Vision: To become one of the top brands in the region and eventually expand globally, leveraging the growing cryptocurrency market.

Strategic Objectives

  • Short-term (2024): Solidify market presence in Chile while continuing to grow in Argentina. Target a total deposit of 600,000 EUR per month.
  • Medium-term (2025): Expand into new Latin American markets, potentially Peru or Mexico, leveraging existing payment integrations.
  • Long-term (2026-2027): Establish regional teams across 5-6 countries, achieving a total deposit of 100,000 EUR per day, and explore global expansion through cryptocurrency channels.

Current Market Presence

  • Registered Players: 119,277 (with approximately 110,000 real emails)
  • Daily Active Users: 60-140 online players continuously
  • Monthly Deposits: Approximately 240,000 EUR with a GGR of 120,000-125,000 EUR

Marketing Strategy

The business has transitioned from aggressive promotional campaigns to a more organic growth model. This includes a community-driven approach with content distributed via social media. A new initiative, allows loyal players to act as brand ambassadors, promoting the platform and earning commissions.

Payment Gateways

  • Argentina: Astropay, BetterBro, manual bank transfers
  • Chile: Astropay (includes multiple payment methods)
  • Brazil: PIX, Pay4Fun (not actively used yet)
  • Worldwide: CoinPayments for cryptocurrency transactions

Financial Performance

  • Monthly Net Profit: Approximately 75,000 EUR
  • Annual Net Profit: Estimated 900,000 EUR

Team Composition

  • Total Employees: 23

Asking Price:

  • €2,700,000

Future Projections

The business aims to boost its market presence through innovative marketing strategies and strategic regional expansions. The company plans to leverage its strengths in customer service and regional knowledge to capture a significant share of the Latin American online gaming market, with potential future expansions into the global market through cryptocurrency channels.

The business is poised for substantial growth in the Latin American online gaming market, backed by a strong customer-focused approach and innovative marketing strategies. The company’s strategic objectives and financial projections indicate a promising future, with plans for regional dominance and eventual global expansion.

Contact Information: 

For more details or to express interest in acquiring the LATAM Casino White Label, please contact Gabriel: [email protected]

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