EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2023

EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2023

Location: Marbella, Spain

Date: 24th May – 25th May


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The upcoming EGR Power Affiliates Summit 2023 is set to transpire in Marbella, Spain from the 24th to the 25th of May in the same year. This particular occasion is explicitly customized to cater to the distinct necessities of its affiliates, whose individuals are composed of upper echelon decision-makers with an established history of consistently maximizing their networking potentials for the purpose of attracting iGaming traffic.

As such, this summit is a wonderful opportunity for affiliates to establish fresh connections, obtain numerous periodic reports (10 reports within a year), as well as gain access to recent interviews, webinars, news articles, and other up-to-date materials.

Throughout the event, distinguished speakers with vast professional backgrounds will be speaking, leading discussions, and presenting, with each venue providing a 5-star experience.

Organizers are committed to ensuring that each member’s inquiries are promptly responded to by professional account handlers, fostering an environment of seamless and uninterrupted communication.

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