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Future-Proof Your iGaming Affiliate Strategy: Key 2024 Predictions

The numbers clearly demonstrate a sharp increase in revenue across all facets of iGaming affiliate marketing. iGaming statistics for 2024 speak for themselves. With your affiliate ads, are you ready to become wealthy?

There has never been a better moment to get engaged in the immensely profitable iGaming sector than now when it is flourishing.

How, though, can you hope to stand out from the pack with your ads?

with concrete data, naturally!

By keeping up with the most recent developments in the iGaming industry, you can equip yourself with an effective marketing plan and win a piece of the multibillion dollar market come 2024.

The Increase in Online Gambling Acceptance

It goes without saying that the popularity of online gaming has grown over time. Its ease of use and accessibility provide an experience that is unmatched by traditional gambling.

As a result, the market has grown remarkably and is predicted to reach $107.3 billion by the end of 2024. individuals are beginning to recognize the attractiveness as well; by 2024, it’s expected that approximately 600 million individuals will have engaged in some capacity in online gaming.

iGaming Affiliate Stats

Companies all around the world are spending more on industrial advertising than they have in the past due to this spike in demand; by 2024, it is predicted that global ad spending will reach $12 billion.

Essential iGaming Stats for Affiliate Marketers

Global size of the iGaming market in 2023~$127 billionH2 Gambling Capital
Projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 202711.5%Grand View Research
% of iGaming operators using affiliate marketing74%iGaming Business Affiliate Network
Affiliate marketing spend as a % of US iGaming marketing budget15%Econsultancy
% of iGaming companies planning to increase their affiliate marketing budgets69%iGaming Business Affiliate Network
Average affiliate commission rate in the iGaming industry25-35%Multiple Industry Sources
% of new iGaming customers acquired through affiliate channels~30-40%Multiple Industry Sources
Importance of mobile optimization for iGaming affiliatesVery HighEGR Intel
Growth of crypto casinos and their impact on affiliate marketingSignificantAffiliate Insider
Importance of responsible gambling promotion for affiliatesCriticalGambling Commission (UK)

Some additional iGaming statistics to keep in mind:

Last Known Figures for…Value
iGaming Global Market Size 2022$81.08 billion
Projected iGaming Market Size 2023$88.65 billion
iGaming Market CAGR9.3%
iGaming Market Size & Forecast – U.S. 2022Up to $7 billion
iGaming Market Size – U.K. 2022Around $15 billion
iGaming Market Size – France 2022$5.6 billion
iGaming Market Size – Germany 2024Expected to grow to $3 billion
iGaming Market Size – Spain Q1 2022 GGR$207.36 million
Projected Global iGaming Market Size 2024$107.3 billion

In other words – that’s a lot of money!

But, how do you tap into these juicy figures? Here are a few things to help you optimize your approach.

Understanding Your Audience: The Demographics of Gamblers

If you want your audience to hang on every word you say, you must understand them as well as possible. We know that one-quarter of the world’s population gambles (yes, one out of every four), which translates to around 1.6 billion people globally engaging in some form of gambling.

When targeting online gamblers explicitly, be aware that they mainly come into two categories: Males aged 18 to 39 make up around 82% of all online gamblers, whereas those from lower-income households gamble more frequently and are more likely to develop issues.

Best iGaming Affiliate

Mobile Gaming: Taking Over and Changing User Habits

When was the last time you saw someone under 30 without a phone in hand? We’re prepared to wager it wasn’t so long ago. Nearly half of all gamblers now admit to gambling on their cellphones, with three out of every four adults aged 18 to 34 using their phones for online gambling.

It’s difficult to argue against the convenience and accessibility of mobile gaming, and affiliate marketers would be wise to adjust their campaigns accordingly.

The Rise of Sports Betting.

Sports betting has recently gained enormous popularity (and profits). The worldwide sports betting market is expected to reach $155.5 billion by 2024, therefore there is no better time than now for affiliate marketers to target sports fans.

Don’t underestimate esports popularity!

If you haven’t heard of esports yet, you must have been living under a rock. This emerging industry is poised to become the world’s most popular trend! — But we’ll leave that conversation for another day.

In terms of betting, however, esports takes the cake: the global market was valued at $17.2 billion last year.

The Technological Revolution in iGaming

In recent years, the technology behind these online gaming services has also advanced significantly!

One such breakthrough is blockchain technology, which has played a critical role in streamlining virtual event hosting, increasing overall industry transparency, and assuring secure transactions between players.

Security Through Blockchain Transactions

Blockchain technology has completely altered how transactions are conducted on iGaming platforms.

Not only does it keep user information safe from prying eyes, but it also simplifies transactions!

Implementing this technology inside the context of your website or application will provide clients with peace of mind while making deposits or withdrawals. Smart contracts, which are a characteristic of blockchain technology, can also be used to ensure that games work fairly.

Virtual reality is yet another significant advancement in the iGaming industry. It was once exclusively found in traditional casinos, but it has since spread to players’ homes. This helps gamers to have a more realistic and involved experience with video games, increasing their engagement.

Cloud-based technology has also contributed significantly to the technical revolution of iGaming. With the ability to store and handle vast volumes of data, it can relieve operators’ workloads and allow them to provide flawless gaming experiences.

Augmented reality and visual advances have also played their roles. They’ve pushed the boundaries of what is possible in iGaming by creating visually attractive games with dynamic designs.

The Technological Revolution in iGaming

Today’s technology has enabled the iGaming sector to develop by leaps and bounds. These improvements have enabled gamers to participate in unique gaming experiences that would have been impossible before these technologies were developed.

Blockchain– Secure transactions
– Improved transparency
– Simplified organization of virtual events
Virtual Reality– Immersive gaming experiences
– Realistic and interactive gameplay
– Enhanced player engagement
Cloud-based Technology– Scalable and flexible solutions
– Efficient management of operations
– Seamless gaming experiences
Augmented Reality and Graphics Advancements– Visually stunning games
– Interactive and immersive gameplay

These developments are likely to continue indefinitely, since we may anticipate more in the future that will increase everyone’s time spent playing or operating these games.

Leveraging Upcoming Trends in iGaming Affiliate Marketing

To stay on top of things, affiliate marketers must keep up with the latest iGaming marketing trends. In this section, we will cover three major areas: Micro-influencer marketing, AI-powered machine learning for user acquisition, and social media optimisation tactics.

Micro-influencers are an untapped resource for affiliates.

Everyone is aware that huge influencers with millions upon millions of followers are effective collaborators in marketing relationships.

Smaller influencers, on the other hand, have risen to prominence, demonstrating themselves to be far more effective than their larger counterparts at considerably lower expenses. They may not reach as large an audience, but they compensate by being significantly more approachable and honest, which appeals to iGamers who can see through phoniness.

With humble beginnings like theirs, however, comes a cost-effective option for affiliate marketers to leverage these influencers’ followings and drive traffic to gaming platforms, hence increasing conversion rates.

AI and Machine Learning: Changing How We Acquire Users

It’s difficult to comprehend that today’s AI technologies are enhancing user acquisition so much. They have made significant achievements, particularly in marketing methods such as picture and video creation, website development, and content generation. Marketers may operate considerably more efficiently by automating operations that might otherwise take hours or even days to perform manually.

This increased efficiency not only saves time, but also results in more accurate targeting, which improves operational efficiency. Affiliates can employ data-driven techniques to optimize their user acquisition efforts and stay ahead of the competition at this period of rapid technological advancement.

Social media optimization: strategies for igaming traffic

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have grown in popularity as places to communicate with iGamers and find games. Understanding how to use them successfully will be critical in driving traffic to these platforms in the future.

This includes writing compelling posts that resonate with the target audience, using social media groups and communities, and targeting specialized audiences who are looking for new releases or experiences.

How to Optimize your iGaming Campaign with Affiliate Software?

Affiliate Software is the most effective tool for optimizing iGaming campaigns. Extensive features and comprehensive platform enable affiliate marketers to reach peak performance and generate success in their iGaming enterprises.

Such software has comprehensive monitoring capabilities that allow you to monitor campaign performance in real time. This means you’ll be able to examine the performance of your initiatives and make data-driven decisions using the most recent analytics data to optimize your campaigns.

iGaming Affiliate

It offers fraud detection as a crucial feature. You can keep your affiliate marketing efforts secure by recognizing fraudulent activity and preventing it from affecting your campaigns.

It also provides performance optimization tools, allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns for better outcomes. You can evaluate performance indicators to identify areas for improvement and implement targeted changes to increase conversions and ROI.


The iGaming industry is clearly growing and provides numerous opportunities for associate advertisers. The iGaming market is expected to develop at an 11.5% CAGR by 2027, with 74% of operators utilizing affiliate marketing. Affiliate commission rates range from 25 to 35%, with affiliates focused on mobile optimization, cryptocurrency casinos, and responsible gambling promotion.

We can design feasible promotional tactics by connecting key iGaming metrics and analyzing the socioeconomics of the target audience. To improve campaign success, it is also vital to adopt innovative progressions and influence-generating patterns, such as tiny scale influencers, AI, and social media advancement.

To improve results even further, we recommend strengthening iGaming campaigns. This extended stage provides progress, followed by continual inspection, identification of misrepresentation, and execution enhancement tools that enable us to effectively manage and develop our campaigns for success.

As the iGaming industry evolves, it is critical that we stay informed and adapt to new trends. By constantly monitoring industry trends and adapting our methods, we can stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the unique world of iGaming affiliate marketing.

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