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How to Create a Link Building Strategy for Your Casino Affiliate Website

In this article, we will cover techniques for creating effective link building strategies, which will help you potentially grow your online affiliate marketing business or website. These strategies work even if you own a casino or sports betting website.

There more than 11,400 affiliate programs overall in the USA, which makes the affiliate industry to be worth over $12 billion – all this according to 99firms.

This can give you an incredible idea of how many affiliate sites are on the Internet. In the same time, it means you’ll need to put efforts into your marketing campaigns in order for people to hear about your affiliate website.

One of the best ways to market your affiliate website, is to focus on your casino SEO, to secure links on high-authority casino websites. Links are acting as a strong vote, in the eyes of Google; the results are: you’ll get ranked higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

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What is Link Building? Why to use Link Building?

Link building is an SEO practice which will help you acquire backlinks from high-authority websites from your niche, in order to improve you’re search engine rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo.

Backlinks will show to the Search Engines:

  1. Your website has authority and it’s knowledgeable
  2. Your website is a trustworthy source of information

The more backlinks you have, the higher ranking you will receive from search engines, more clients/sales you’ll make.

Link Building Strategy for Your Casino Affiliate Website

If you go and check out Ahrefs case study you’ll learn that pages which have more backlinks are ranked higher in Google or any other search engine.

And another interesting case study which was created by Backlinko – found, after analyizing 11.8 million search results from Google alone, the most pages which ranked high in Google had 3.8 times more backlinks than the website which was below the first position in Google. Keep in mind, having more backlinks can make a huge difference when it comes to ranking high.

Google can regularly penalize website for link building done the wrong way. We’ve listed a few common mistakes below, take them into consideration when you’re building backlinks.

Avoid these common mistakes when doing link building

When you’re performing link building campaigns, you should avoid these common SEO mistakes which actually have negative impact on reputation and rankings. This process takes time, and you need to ensure everything is done properly. We’ve seen people make various mistakes when link building for Casino websites or Sports Betting websites.

Vetting target websites – the wrong way

Not all links are equal in value. And a high number of links with low value, doesn’t compare to low number of links with high value or high authority. You will need to pick the correct website before you’re approaching the webmaster or journalist for a link.

We recommend using Ahrefs Site Explorer to check:

  • Domain rating
  • Traffic level
  • Keywords the website ranks for
  • Backlink profile of the website

This combination will give you the best results when you’re looking to acquire new backlinks for your casino site.

Important: check if the website has a good number of backlinks and if the backlinks are of high quality. Look for the backlink profile, which includes links from a variety of different websites, are relevant to the niche you’re in – and of course, the backlink profile should look natural, grown organically and it isn’t including paid links or reciprocal links.

Another great method to perform, when looking for a website is to inspect the website design, structure and overall quality of it. You should highly avoid spammy websites or low-quality web domains. It’s best to prepare before reaching out to casino webmasters for a link.

Reciprocal links

Avoid at all cost: reciprocal links! Let me explain what does a reciprocal link means:

Webmaster A and Webmaster B decide to link their websites, basically link exchanging – this is done just for SEO purpose – these links are not adding any value for their audiences.

Link exchanges are done solely for the purpose of cross-linking – and this is a way to manipulate website rankings in Google, causing a penalty or removal from the SERPs or Google index.

This kind of link building, it is easier to do, but it comes with the risk of receiving a lot of penalties from Google.

Target website DA (Domain Authority)

DA or Domain Authority is yet another important factor to take into consideration, when you are looking for backlinks. DA can tell you how much value or how much authority you’re getting on a particular site.

DA ranges from 1 – 100, anything above 60 is a great win.

You should be able to check Loganix Domain Authority checker tool and analyze websites for DA. As a bonus feature, you can also get access to Domain Rating (DR).

Links from low quality or irrelevant websites

Acquiring backlinks with a factor of relevancy is important, as it will provide value and more context about your casino business or casino website if you are building them on similar websites.

Common example is: you own a casino website, and you’re reviewing big casino websites – a backlink from a big casino or casino magazine website would be highly appreciated.

Diversity of the links

Another great way to improve your backlink profile for your casino website, is to diversify your backlink profile to look more natural. Businesses tend to reach out to blogs within their niche or industry and get links pointing to homepage or resources.

Securing links from local directories such as GPWA is a great way to build natural-looking and valuable links, because it makes total sense for directories or forums with directories on them to recommend casino websites or casino review sites.

Let’s not forget another good opportunity which you can use: Reddit or Quora – using these two sites can also help your backlinking profile with diversification. Try heading to Quora, search for questions (related to your niche) – and answer them properly, and give an informative answer to the question. Link to your website at the bottom of the answer with CTA like: “For more information regarding XYZ visit our resources page or blog”.

Same applies for Reddit, but when posting to Reddit, be sure to add a twist to your answer or change a few words – and add your link at the bottom of the reply. RedditList – is a handy tool to use when searching for subreddits of your interest.

Be careful when building backlinks, as Google keeps an eye on links which are being paid for. And it doesn’t like that.

How to Scale Casino Link Building?

There are a number of different techniques that can be used to acquire quality links for your website. Here are some of the main ones you should try.

Below you will find different techniques for link building and scaling – this will help you acquire quality links for your casino site.


What is HARO? HARO means “Help a Reporter Out”. The website helps journalists connect with people which can provide valuable information for the articles.


The website itself is very useful, regardless of the niche. When you have signed up on HARO, you’ll receive opportunities to provide short informational snippets. When their articles are published you can be lucky to get credits with a backlink pointing back to your website. It is a great opportunity for you to receive backlinks without sending tons of emails each day.

Use HARO the following way:

  • Sign up
  • Choose the industries you desire
  • Identify relevant opportunities
  • Get in touch with the reporters

Guest posting

As you might know by now, Google doesn’t like low-quality backlinks – that’s why you need to be careful when doing Guest Posting, and identifying high-quality link building opportunities for your casino business.

You should put together a list of popular / high-quality websites from your niche, and after that create a personalized pitch, for each website you’re trying to receive a guest post. By personalizing the pitch, your email will more than likely be opened and read, and replied to.

Provide them with information about your background, your skills and what blog topics you wish to cover.

Content syndication

Content syndication is a method which allows you to build quality backlinks for your casino website. All you have to do is: republish pieces of content on multiple 3rd-party websites – getting a wider audience to view it or read it. Try finding content syndication partners which are well-known to re-publish articles or content.

To search for such opportunities, Google the following: “originally published on” + casino

Or it can look like: “originally published on” + YOUR NICHE.

originally published on

As you can see, from the screenshot, these websites syndicate content from different casino bloggers and casino news sites. You can pitch your request to them, letting them know you have covered the topic on your website, and tell them, you’d love them to repurpose it. Be sure to personalize your email (pitch) when contacting journalists, reporters or editors – this way you’ll have a better chance to get your content published on high-authority sites.

Visual Content (which is easily shareable)

A great way to acquire backlinks for your site, is to create valuable content in form of visual infographics, videos informative/detailed images. If you have the right tools and a little bit of knowledge on how to use these tools, you’re in good ‘hands’.

A good tool used for video editing, is – it was designed to easily create high-quality videos from templates, in minutes.

You’ll find below a few alternatives, which might suite you better, but our go-to video editing tool is: – and sometimes we use Adobe Premiere Pro or

Top 10 InVideo Alternatives & Competitors

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Filmora
  • Animoto
  • video
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express
  • Camtasia
  • iMovie
  • Lumen5

Many studies have been conducted in terms of video editing for visual blog posts and visual information (which is shareable) – an example of such study was created by Backlinko. Videos, diagrams, infographics and other, can be easily edited, and they can be shared with ease on different social media platforms. For example, an infographic can be created in such a way, you embed it into your website. When a person desires to share it with friends on social media or other site – they can share it along side your backlink (link pointing to your website).

If you decide to create an infographic, check out guide on creating infographic in 5 steps.

Competitor backlink analysis

Yet another interesting way to create backlinks is to analyze your competitor’s backlink profile. Identify their guest posts, news articles (where did they appear on), magazines which they have been featured on, syndicated content platforms. And so on.

You should definitely try Ahrefs trial (7 EUR per 7 days trial) – and you’ll do good.


When it comes to creating a powerful link building strategy and campaign, you will have to work hard, be strategic and do a ton of research, but remember the end results with will worth it 100%. For the long run, receiving an SEO boost is highly appreciate for any business.

It’s quite important to work slowly, scale and be steady with your efforts. We hope you enjoyed this article. And you received a fresh information on the SEO topic.

Be sure to share our article with your friends, or someone you might think it needs this piece of information.