Top 5 Resources for New Casino Affiliates

Top 5 Resources for New Casino Affiliates

You are probably reading this because you are new to casino affiliate marketing and you want to become a wealthy affiliate. The igaming business is one of the most lucrative ones around but it also happens to be one of the more competitive industries to get into.

Why is that? Well for starters, being new means you’ll be competing against companies that have been online for over 10 years. Those very companies have experience and money, money that can buy just about any resources whether a custom design, a custom programmed website, content and link building.

Feeling a bit intimidated? Don’t be. If anything these larger sites might want to buy yours if you can prove yours is successful. This is simply referred to M&A or mergers and acquisitions. These bigger sites are always looking to add quality sites to their portfolio so you can either make money for yourself or do it with the aspirations of selling out for a bigger payday.

A summary of the top 5 resources for casino affiliates

  1. Market Research
  2. Networking & Events
  3. SEO
  4. Stats Tracking Tools
  5. Revenue Share Commissions & Deals

Market Research – Know which affiliate programs to work with

Sometimes the most popular or best known affiliate program is not the best one to work with. Actually a very easy way of figuring out which affiliate program to work with could involve a few hours of research but it is a must do. If you pick a program based on some website, it could be a sponsored listing.

The answer of which casino affiliate programs are the best, you’ll find that answer by visiting the top affiliate sites to see who they promote.

They won’t all be the same listings same rankings but you’ll want to make an excel list and tally the casinos you see the most. Just having a quick look at you’ll see a list of casinos immediately on the homepage, 10 of them in fact. Look!

Ask Gamblers

Of the casinos on this list, BitStarz is one you’ll see on many sites.

Remember if they are appearing on these well established sites, they wouldn’t do it unless they got paid either via paid placement or they earn good revenue share commission with them.

Networking & Events

Networking is a must do in the online gambling industry. If you get the chance to attend an igaming event then you should. They are happening all around the world whether small gatherings or very large events. One of the popular events organizers is and they mainly focus on sportsbetting and casino conferences.

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization for Casino Sites

SEO as you should know by now stands for search engine optimization, or optimisation if you’re in the UK. Most people think SEO is only for Google traffic but understanding the basics of SEO is important and has aspects that reach far beyond Google.

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? Yes!  Videos too can be optimized for SEO based on the page titles. Of course there goes more into ranking videos but Google is very smart at rewarding good content creators.

Find some Facebook SEO groups, many are free and this is a chance to network too. This is a great way to learn about what’s happening in the world of SEO. SEO is a skillset you can take with you anywhere you go even if your casino website doesn’t work out. The experience alone will be resume worthy.

Stats Tracking Tools

Not all affiliates use tools to track their stats but one tool that is perfect to do this is the StatsDrone app. The app works by logging into all your affiliate programs once a day to pull your data for you. It stores it so you don’t have to lose your historical data either. The data consists of clicks, sales or FTDs which is first time depositors. Some affiliate programs call FTDs as NDC for new depositing customers. The app also tracks deposits, revenue and your commissions earned. This covers revenue share and CPA which is Cost Per Acquisition.

Stats Drone

It can take minutes to login and check one program so imagine if you had to do this daily for 20 programs!

No thanks! This app saves you time and the starter plan is $29/month and they are offering a 30 day free trial too.

Revenue Share Commission & Deals – Casino Sites

When you work with programs, it helps to know if you can negotiate deals to get higher revenue share. Often programs will do this automatically based on performance. That said it doesn’t hurt to ask and you’ll want to track all of this.

How to get started on your site?

First thing is make sure you have a great domain. Learn how to build a website whether you know how to program or simply use software like WordPress. Learn how to create good quality content and make sure you do your market research!