EGR B2B Awards 2023

EGR B2B Awards 2023

Location: London, UK

Date: 8th Jun


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The scheduled date for the EGR B2B Awards 2023 has been set on the 8th of June 2023 and the event will take place in London, UK. This prestigious event has been established to recognize and celebrate exceptional B2B software providers in the industry.

Participants of this event will have access to a multitude of advantages including the chance to engage in professional networking opportunities globally, an annual provision of ten industry reports, as well as receiving news, interviews and webinars that are constantly updated.

Notably, attendees will be presented with an extraordinary experience as they listen to notable speakers who will conduct conversations and deliver presentations during meetings, webinars, award ceremonies and the like in top-rated locations.

Moreover, upon subscription for the first time, account handlers are readily available to offer assistance for members who have inquiries about the event, they serve as the single point of contact. To top it off, the content team assures members that they will receive comprehensive coverage on engrossing iGaming topics.

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