Buyer Frequently Asked Questions


Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why should I use

Casinos Broker is one of the trusted place to buy and sell high-quality online casino websites. Working with CasinosBroker will help you the best online casino business, which is only listed at our website, after in-depth vetting process. We offer:

  1. Considerably high list of sellers
  2. Quality online casino businesses which have best ROI (Return on Investment).
  3. Assistance with due diligence.
  4. Full time – experienced and dedicated team.
  5. 110% commitment and consultation, for both buyer and seller.

2.) Will I speak to the seller directly?

Yes. You’ll be in touch with the seller.

3.) Will CasinosBroker do due-diligence for me?

We perform a rough due-diligence before allowing the sell of a business – we aim to offer best ROI for our buyers. But all buyers are strongly encouraged to perform their own due-diligence, while taking decisions on buying a particular online casino business. Between 7 – 21 days (or even more) is the due-diligence period with our sellers. Within this period, you’ll need to investigate the business thoroughly. Traffic numbers, paid ads, revenue, revenue sources, bank statements, payment records and so on.

4.) Do you offer Loans or Financing?

No, we do not offer any financing as of today but we can happily refer to our friends who deal in loans and finance for internet based businesses. Simply put, no. We do not offer loans or financing.

5.) Do you offer support during the sale process?

As an online casino broker with high value deals, we help both sellers and buyers, every step of the way, during a through sale process. Our experienced team with help you in the understanding of the whole process, as it is available during weekends too, offering support via Skype, WhatsApp, Phone or email. The support is offered to the buyer and seller, all throughout the process, until the deal is successfully closed, and you received payment.

6.) What payment options are accepted to purchase an online casino website business?

All of our deals, are secured via payments through USD Payment options for buyers

  • Wire transfer
  • Money order
  • Credit Card – American Express, MasterCard, Visa
  • PayPal

Please check for all possible payment options & updates on payment methods.

7.) How long does it take to gain full control of the business?

The time needed to gain full control over the casino business, and for the deal to be completed is: 7 – 14 days. It depends on the website & asset size. The seller usually initiates the transfer/migration process, after the payment gets secured at Sometimes transfer duration of domain may differ because of seller and buyer preferred domain registrars.

8.) What fees does Casinos Broker charge I purchased the business?

There is no success fee if you are a buyer.

9.) Will I receive training post-sale (after the sale is completed)?

Yes! Duration of training after the sale is completed is mutually decided in the Asset Purchase Agreement, signed by buyer and seller. Any online casino website business will be accompanied by post-sale training, which will cover how to run and operate your newly purchased business.

10.) Will you migrate the assets for me?

Unfortunately, no. Currently we don’t offer business migration. We do our best to assist you all the way through, on a case-per-case basis.