EGR North America Awards 2023

EGR North America Awards 2023

Location: New York, US

Date: 27th Apr


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The highly anticipated EGR North America Awards 2023 will be held on April 27th, 2023 in the bustling city of New York. The prestigious event showcases the triumphs of top-performing iGaming companies in the market.

It presents an exceptional chance for iGaming operators to display their unwavering commitment and dedication to their craft throughout the year. As members of the esteemed EGR global community, organizations can reap the benefits of tailored services that cater to their unique requirements.

This esteemed gathering is an exceptional occasion for all individuals interested in gaining access to comprehensive annual reports, a plethora of networking opportunities, cutting-edge interviews, webinars, news articles, and other industry-related content.

Event speakers comprise of seasoned decision-makers who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide valuable insights and answers to all pertinent questions during the event. Additionally, account handlers are available to address members’ inquiries leading up to the event.

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