Brazilian Sports Website

Brazilian Sports Website


Business Overview: proudly presents Brazilian Sports Website, an esteemed online portal specializing in football news, with a dedicated focus on the illustrious Vasco da Gama team. Established on October 23, 2010, this platform has become synonymous with timely and comprehensive updates, catering to the discerning tastes of millions of devoted followers. Complemented by an extensive presence across social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, all included in the sale, the website offers a robust multi-channel experience for its audience.

Powered by the versatile WordPress platform, the website boasts a proficient team of five individuals, poised to seamlessly transition under new ownership.

Financially, the website’s revenue stream primarily stems from strategically placed advertisements. While the average monthly revenue currently stands at 25,000 BRL, recent performance over the last three months has surged to an impressive 50,000 BRL, translating to a monthly profit of approximately 18,000 BRL. With a substantial monthly visitor count of 2.5 million, the website presents ample opportunities for further revenue enhancement. The seller advises prospective buyers to explore avenues such as programmatic ads and forging partnerships with betting houses to maximize revenue potential.

It is noteworthy that it has maintained a commendable operational track record, with no significant fluctuations in traffic or penalties from leading search engine platforms, ensuring operational continuity and reliability.

Key Financial Metrics:

  • Annual Revenue: $53,335.74
  • Annual Profit: $39,000 USD
  • Monthly Profit: 18,000 BRL / $3,250
  • Monthly Expenses: $1,200
  • Monthly Traffic: 2,500,000 pageviews

Business Profile:

  • Start Date: October 23, 2010
  • Team Size: 5 members
  • Monetization Models: Display ads
  • Reason for Selling: The current owner, with 13 years of tenure, seeks to embark on new ventures and diversify investments.
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Workload & Skills Required to Run: Daily website updates and adeptness in crafting engaging news content centered around the club’s activities.

Assets Included

  • Domain name and all published content
  • Custom-built WordPress CMS, themes, plugins, and tools
  • Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Advertiser and partner contacts
  • Arrangement with a team of five on-demand content contributors
  • Brand assets (logos, trademarks, branding materials)
  • Content rights
  • Hosting accounts, analytics, and monetization accounts
  • Operational tools and subscriptions
  • Proven capability to generate 260 FTDs monthly for iGaming affiliates

Asking Price: $125,000

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