Italian iGaming Sites

Italian iGaming Sites


Italian iGaming Sites

Business Overview:

  • Industry: Online Gambling & Betting
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Operational Years: 13

Operational Overview:

  • Team: Owner, SEO Strategist, Developer, Copywriter
  • Traffic: 18,000 monthly visitors
  • Revenue: €60,000 monthly (70% site #1, 30% site #2)
  • Expenses: €10,600 monthly
  • Profits: €49,400 monthly
  • Recent Financials: April: €55,329, March: €60,970, February: €62,826, January: €48,754

Financial Performance:

  • Primary Revenue: Affiliate marketing & sponsored content

Market Position & Growth Opportunities:

  • Engagement: Dedicated user base
  • Growth Potential: Short-term guidance from owner, long-term expansion through SEO & content strategies

Reason for Sale:

  • Seller’s Motive: Negotiable, training provided post-transition

Operational Challenges:

  • Requirements: Minimum two hours daily for SEO, content, analytics
  • Team Continuity: Not guaranteed under new ownership

Conclusion: The 2 websites offer a lucrative investment in online gambling & betting, with stable revenue, growth potential, and expert guidance available from the current owner. Ideal for buyers seeking profitability and expansion opportunities.

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