Online & Mobile Betting and Gaming Operator

Online & Mobile Betting and Gaming Operator


CasinosBroker is delighted to present an enticing opportunity for your consideration: the acquisition of a digital gaming and betting operator with a distinct focus on the German market. This venture is anticipated to yield a revenue exceeding approximately €130 million, accompanied by an EBITDA of around €10 million for the fiscal year 2023, aptly named “Project Julius.”

CasinosBroker assumes the role of one of the representatives for the Promoter behind “Project Julius,” who is actively in pursuit of a financial sponsor to facilitate this transaction.

The target entity is an online and mobile betting and gaming operator, established in 2015. It manages one casino and one sports betting brand, strategically targeting the vibrant German online betting and gaming sector.

Here are some noteworthy facets of this remarkable opportunity:

  • The company adeptly operates its two well-established brands by leveraging a third-party platform for back-end operations, complemented by the development of an in-house proprietary front-end.
  • The Company maintains full compliance with the German gaming regulations.
  • The headquarters of the Target entity are situated in Malta, Europe.
  • The Promoter has meticulously devised a comprehensive plan for the acquisition and subsequent development of the Target.
  • We are actively seeking an investor who shares our enthusiasm and is willing to provide approximately €60 million in equity. This capital infusion will pave the way for the acquisition of a 60% ownership stake in the Target.

“Project Julius” represents a unique opportunity to establish a prominent digital gaming and betting operator in the DACH region of Europe.

The Promoter has meticulously crafted a transaction structure that has garnered validation from the main shareholders.

Our unwavering commitment is centered on the meticulous selection and engagement of the most suitable partner for this transaction. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to delve deeper into the specifics should you express a genuine interest in this venture.

Online and Mobile Betting and Gaming Operator Looking for an Investment of €60 million

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